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Kamling Enterprise Limited provide the best and unique green wall design and solution to create a green environment.

Kamling Group was established in Hong Kong since 1991, solution provider of combination of technology and engineering. There are two main divisions in Kamling Group - Kamling Veritcal Garden and Kamling Technology.


Kamling Vertical Garden is a turnkey solution provider that provide one stop solution including consultation, design, installation and after sales services for vertical garden, traditional garden, automatic irrigation system and automatic fertilization system for residential & commercial applications.

By going through hours of examinations and researches. We have innovated a unique garden product. Known as "Aquawall™" which is one of the thinnest structure for vertical gardens, a state-of-the-art technic of gardening.

Kamling Enterprise Limited aims to structure, develop and offer a nature environment that everyone can have the opportunity for having large garden, touching live plants and breathing fresh air in the concrete jungle.

Kamling Vertical Garden has made a breakthrough in traditional gardening and achieved a whole new landscape architectural concept.

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